High quality is our priority

The result of our work is the high appraisal of independent experts and consumers

Natural products

For the production of our products, we use only environmentally friendly raw materials, without GMOs and preservatives.

Halal Compliance

We strictly observe Sharia norms when slaughtering animals and choosing ingredients for the production of finished products

Strict laboratory control

We control all production processes: from the receipt of raw materials to shipment to the distribution network

Full production cycle

We grow, process, sell


JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" is the largest agro-industrial complex in the Republic of Dagestan.

JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" is the successor of the Kizlyar creamery, the history of which begins in the 30s. Until 1933, there was one butter churn in Kizlyar, which belonged to the Vodosvet institution. In 1933, the butter churn was transferred to self-supporting and transferred to the Krasny Partisan artel. Soon a low-power oil plant was created, located in a poorly adapted building. The total number of workers of this enterprise in 1933 was three people. Until 1952, all production processes were carried out by hand.


Our product range includes more than 100 products:
whole milk and sour milk, meat and sausage products, cheeses, rice cereals, ice cream, soft drinks and bakery products.

Popular products in the section:

2 Pasteurized milk 3.4%-4.5%


Pasteurized milk 3.4%-4.5%


Production stages

Darman is the largest producer of meat and dairy products in the Republic of Dagestan.
The structure of the company includes stud farms, a meat processing shop, a dairy shop with a production capacity of 200 tons of milk per day, as well as its own livestock.

completely own production


We grow

JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" has three livestock complexes for 6631 heads of cattle,
a powerful fodder base with an area of 3826 hectares, on which grain crops are grown - barley, wheat, alfalfa, corn for silage, as well as 1200 hectares of sown area for growing rice.



We recycle

For the best quality, we develop our processing plants for all industries. Preservatives and substitutes are not used in principle in dairy production, and laboratory quality control is carried out at all stages. In meat production, the slaughter takes place strictly in compliance with the norms of Islam, and the meat is processed chilled, without resorting to freezing. The rice processing industry is developing dynamically, innovative technologies are being introduced, and new equipment with three degrees of purification is being used. Bakery products are made in a unique Turkish stone oven, on wood, according to a special recipe using the author's sourdough.



We implement

Trading network of JSC "Kizlyaragrocomplex" -
these are 60 branded kiosks and shops in the cities of Makhachkala and Kizlyar, and more than 2,000 partners in the wholesale and distribution networks.



We regularly open new points of sale throughout Russia..
You can also find our products in many shops and supermarkets in your city.


Points of sale inMakhachkala

Store :
st. Sh.Aliyeva 46A
Store :
st. Titova 20
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